We’re back with episode 3 of Vibe Check for a conversation between Julie Jeannotte, HR Expert and Researcher at Officevibe, and Matt McFarlane, Senior Director of People Experience at Oyster. In this episode, they explore the role managers play in employee retention, the importance of understanding the expectations employees have of their managers and vice versa, and how it's important for managers to have the support they need to form and maintain healthy long-term relationships. 

In this episode, we explore: 

  • How HR can equip managers to improve employee retention 
  • How to build trust between employees and managers 
  • How to maintain retention during an economic downturn 

I think integrity is a really big part of every people function. It's certainly something that I hold really near and dear.

Matt McFarlane Senior Director of People Experience at OysterHR

Communication is always the key 

While there are many reasons for turnover, what remains constant is the need for a shared commitment to consistent, transparent conversation. Staying on top of how people feel puts valuable data at your disposal, and it’s the way in which you digest it that matters. One of the key takeaways from this conversation is the need for transparency, reliability, and accuracy to build a healthy company culture and foster an environment where people feel valued, want to stay, and put in great work. 

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Meet our illustrious guest  

Matt McFarlane is the Senior Director of People Experience at Oyster HR, a global employment platform that makes it possible for companies everywhere to quickly and compliantly hire talent anywhere. 

I'm definitely someone who is really committed to the operationalization of a great employee experience.

Matt McFarlane, Senior Director of People Experience at OysterHR 

Matt is experienced working across complex, globally distributed environments and is passionate about building first-rate workplaces and cultures based on a foundation of people-centricity and operational excellence. 

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