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How to unlock the ROI of employee experience

Featuring Julie Jeannotte, HR expert and researcher at Workleap, Aaron Delgaty, Practice Leader of Experience Research at The Starr Conspiracy, and Jalene Vandermey, Senior Enterprise Customer Success Manager at Workleap.

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High EX investment organizations enjoy sunnier KPIs

Our latest report on the ROI of employee experience shows that organizations who chose to invest in EX in the last year were 43% more likely to have seen improvement in their productivity.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • What's the impact of investing in employee experience on your organization
  • Strategies to generate a return on your employee experience investments
  • How employee experience solutions can become strategic partners for HR leaders
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Who’s talking

Join Julie Jeannotte, employee experience expert, live for a one-time panel and Q&A where we dig down on the ROI of employee experience

Your host

Julie Jeannotte

Workleap HR Expert & Researcher

Julie’s (or JJ as we like to call her) life’s mission is to help organizations understand the value of placing their people at the heart of their strategy and business. Her background, research, and innate curiosity give her a unique perspective on day-to-day team challenges and the ever-evolving world of work.

Anyone who knows JJ knows this: she’s a wildflower who speaks from the heart. Inspired by the uniqueness of individuals and driven by the power of collectivity, she focuses on bringing out the best in humans to create meaningful change.

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Our Guest

Aaron Delgaty

Practice Leader of Experience Research, The Starr Conspiracy

Aaron Delgaty, PhD, is a cultural anthropologist and ethnographer. He received his doctorate in cultural anthropology from the Univeristy of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2020.

His research explores what shapes worker and workplace resilience and how resilience resists, crumbles, or reforms in the aftermath of personal and collective disasters. In addition to teaching research methods and anthropological theory, Aaron leads experience research and strategy for The Starr Conspiracy, an experienced agency specializing in work tech brands.

Our Guest

Jalene Vandermey

Senior Enterprise Customer Success Manager, Workleap

Jalene is a Customer Success Manager with a focus on long-term client product adoption, client satisfaction, and in-depth knowledge of the needs of SaaS clients.

Throughout her years at Workleap, Jalene has maintained a large portfolio of Enterprise clients and prides herself on maintaining a focus on trust building and openness, and identifying the specific needs of the client in order to best collaborate.

As an experienced CSM, balancing the needs of the client with the expectation of the product is what she strives for.

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