Empower your organization with the skills-based canvas.

The wildcard of you business growth

When a company devotes itself to the development and training of its employees, it acquires the necessary tools to continually renew itself. It empowers itself in order to be able to adapt to the evolution of its business market, powered through the knowledge and the dedication of the workforce that composes it.

The competitive edge of a company lies in its ability to learn faster than its competition. If the key to success is narrowed down to foresight and adaptivity, it is only natural, even logical, to encourage and nurture the personnal and profressional growth of its employees.

Employee training is in itself one of the cornerstones of business growth. This is the very essence of what is called “The Learning Organisation”.

The 5 disciplines

The Learning Organisation combines 5 disciplines all at once, which focus on integrating and developing the individual, integrative and collective fields:

  • Personal mastery: To equip and support employees in achieving their goals.
  • Mental models: learning to get rid of our prejudices and current mechanisms.
  • The shared vision: knowing how to connect individuals together.
  • Team learning: fostering collective reflection through dialogue.
  • Systemic thinking: see problems as a whole.

You can promote the development of each of these elements through an online training structure within your company. Such an approach allows your employees to take control and responsibility over their own training and growth, as well as their ability to learn faster.

Quick Take-Aways

As an employer, manager, or human resources advisor, it is your responsibility and within your interest to encourage free minds to hone their craft, challenge current procedures and protocols to create new ones.

Such an initiative can be a major strategic advantage when compared to your competition. Better educated, more engaged and more loyal employees quickly translate into a more productive and efficient workforce, while lowering turnovers, which should not be overlooked.

In short, the learning organization means making the company not only a work provider, but a place of growth. A place where each individual evolution is put to use for the good of the organization and its future.

Discover, manage, and grow your team’s skills to unleash their potential and retain your rising stars.