In our second episode of Vibe Check, Julie Jeannotte, HR Expert and Researcher at Officevibe, chats with Mary Jo Ogren, Head of Talent at Graham Allen Partners, about why recognition and alignment are critical in keeping high performers engaged and productive during a downturn.

They touch on topics like how alignment is a powerful factor in retention, how when people feel truly valued, they’re more inclined to stay, and how alignment and a sense of value really begin at the recruitment stage.

Watch this episode to learn about:

  • How alignment and recognition are tied to retention
  • How the right tools can help you stay attuned to how everyone in your organization is feeling
  • How people learn differently, value different things, and need different kinds of recognition
  • The importance of mixing things up as performance management is always changing

Fighting for tech talent is a big deal. People that don’t feel valued, leave. That’s the bottom line.

Mary Jo Ogren

Understanding the alignment, recognition, and retention loop.

One of the main takeaways from this discussion is how feeling undervalued is sometimes a symptom of feeling like you’re not headed in the same direction or on the same page as your team. In the same vein, when employees feel they're doing an amazing job, but their manager does not, they don’t get the recognition they strive for.

What this shows is that a lack of alignment causes a real disconnect, one that causes people to feel like they're not being recognized for their efforts, when in reality, if they were aligned from the get-go, it wouldn’t reach that breaking point.

📺 Watch the full episode for stories and anecdotes on how to recognize and remedy these issues from an HR perspective.

Meet our illustrious guest: Mary Jo Ogren

Mary Jo and her team work hand-in-hand with Graham Allen Partners’ portfolio companies to make sure they have the talent they need to be successful and the strategies, policies, and practices in place to support, engage, and manage their teams.

Before joining Graham Allen Partners 13 years ago, Mary Jo was a high school special education teacher and she uses what she learned to shape the way she approaches her teams today.

Mary Jo Ogren Portrait Image

“Every day I wake up and I think about how to help our companies have the best people. I am to treat them in a way that makes them love coming to work.”

Mary Jo Ogren, Head of Talent at Graham Allen Partners

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