We’re back with our sixth episode of Vibe Check! Julie Jeannotte, Workleap Officevibe HR Expert and Researcher, sits down with Nancy Fijan, Business Management Director and former Senior Business Manager at GS1 Canada, to dive deep into the importance of personalized support and a resilient workplace culture. 

In this episode, they explore Nancy's unexpected journey from the educational realms of history and English into the world of technology and data, where she discovered the importance of resilient company culture and the irreplaceable human touch at the heart of it all. 

In this episode, they discuss: 

  • How the essence of workplace culture goes beyond mere tasks; rituals, routines, and a deep sense of belonging. 
  • The organic duality of culture and how it's crafted at its foundation and cultivated over time. 
  • The pivotal role of individuals in the grand scheme of business; valuing people’s differences and nurturing them for growth. 
  • The critical need for resilience in our ever-evolving world, with an emphasis on inclusivity, progress, and talent retention. 

Trust is what gets people through storms, and it’s what prepares them for the storms ahead.

- Nancy Fijan, Business Management Director at GS1 Canada 

Dancing with workplace dynamics 

Nancy’s definition of workplace culture as a "complex social entity" strikes a chord. Because, when you really think about what creates a sense of belonging, it’s generally a complicated medley of enriching interactions, conversations, and rituals. In this way, workplace culture can be seen as an organic, living, evolving creature, that’s crafted and nurtured over time. 

📺 Watch our full episode to delve deeper into this enriching discussion and gain insights on how to foster a resilient culture that prioritizes personal connection and understanding. 

Meet our distinguished guest, Nancy Fijan  

Nancy has over 20 years of experience in business transformation, focusing on the people side of change. She’s worked in the financial services industry and currently, and currently in the standards and supply chain industry.  

Beyond her role at GS1 Canada, Nancy is an eternal learner and educator with strong ties to Dalhousie University, Ontario. Outside her professional pursuits, she cherishes time with family, friends, and her pet, Karchi. 

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