In our seventh episode of Vibe Check, Julie Jeannotte, Workleap Officevibe’s HR Expert and Researcher extraordinaire, chats to Meredith Haberfeld, CEO of ThinkHuman. They touch on the importance of remaining human in tricky situations and the role of managers to effectively address performance a in a way that aligns with organizational core values and culture.

In this episode, we uncover:

  • The significance of being genuine and human during tough conversations
  • The importance of facing performance issues - even if they aren’t consistent with company values
  • The need for continuous conversations and one-on-ones in performance management
  • The profound impact performance issues have on workplace culture
  • The power of clarity that comes from asking “why”
  • The value of empowering your team to learn and grow from mistakes and the importance of equipping them with the tools they need to thrive

When there are breakdowns, use those breakdowns as an opportunity not just to get the results accomplished, but also to support growth. Growth for the person and growth for the processes

- Meredith Haberfeld, CEO of ThinkHuman

The essence of alignment, conversations, and organizational culture

Resonating in this episode is the comparison of a company’s culture to an echo. Whatever is tolerated is amplified. Bad performance habits let slide can quickly snowball into the new norm, rapidly infiltrating workplace culture. Addressing these issues promptly and in alignment with company values will help keep your culture on track. What’s more, having genuine, human conversations about these performance issues helps team members grow, fostering morale, unity, and success.

🍿 Watch the full episode for real-world examples, advice, and deep insights on ensuring that organizational values are upheld through effective managerial conversations.

Meet our insightful guest: Meredith Haberfeld

With a background deeply entrenched in fostering organizational growth, Meredith, along with her team at ThinkHuman, focuses on folding humanity back into workplaces. She believes in the power of authentic conversations, building trust, and aligning individual growth with organizational goals.

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