Employee engagement meeting template 

Engagement needs to be measured often since employee motivation in the workplace is a key factor in high performance and retention. However, disengagement can come in many forms and many factors can affect engagement, which is why you need to dig deeper when you suspect that it might be trending down. It's not an impossible task, though! All you have to do is pay attention and address issues as soon as you spot them. 

Our management experts have created a template to assess engagement during one-on-one meetings. You'll find questions targeted toward key areas of engagement, tips on what to do during your conversations, and some of the signs of disengagement to look out for. This template will serve as a guide during your conversation with a team member who seems unmotivated or unfulfilled at work. 

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How to assess employee engagement

How to assess employee engagement

Engagement should be assessed frequently. You can do it with Pulse Surveys or during your regular one-on-ones, which allow you to explore what engagement looks like with each team member.

Use this template when you spot symptoms of disengagement like: 

  • Poor collaboration or communication between teammates
  • Lack of professional development goals or motivation to grow beyond their role
  • Signs of stress at work 
  • Absence of recognition or feedback given to their peers 

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