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How to create a virtuous cycle of employee recognition 

Featuring Mary Jo Ogren, Head of Talent, Graham Allen Partners and Rob Ayre, Senior Customer Marketing Manager at Workleap.

Mary Jo Ogren and Rob Ayre

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Rob Ayre and special guest speaker and Workleap Officevibe client discuss the nuances of recognition culture, workplace motivation, and effective recognition strategies. Tune in to this session to learn how to drive value through tailored appreciation initiatives.

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Your host

Rob Ayre

Senior Customer Marketing Manager, Workleap

Rob Ayre, a seasoned professional in the technology industry, bridges the gap between software and human connection. His career has been centered around a fascination for technology’s transformative power. With a focus on customer marketing, Rob champions the people behind the software, recognizing their contributions. Rob celebrates customers’ achievements, inspiring others and fostering community within the tech ecosystem.

His leadership philosophy centers on impact, ensuring that every storytelling opportunity focuses on the people behind the programs—a creator, an innovator, and a catalyst for positive change. Through recognition, Rob weaves the threads of software, personal impact, and the power that great experiences can create.

Rob Ayre

Your Guest

Mary Jo Ogren

Head of Talent, Graham Allen Partners

As a Director of People & Culture at Graham Allen Partners, Mary Jo play many roles. One of her responsibilities is to find talented, driven team members for their family of big data technology companies, located in South Bend, Indiana.

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