Free webinar — July 31, 2024, 3 p.m. EDT

Leading with impact: HR’s guide to manager empowerment

Featuring Mathieu Dumont, Product Director at Workleap, Sam Sadeghi, Senior HR Business Partner at Workleap, and Matt McFarlane, Director at FNDN

Hero image - Leading with impact: HR’s guide to manager empowerment

Unengaged managers make for unengaged teams

Gallup's latest research suggests that only 3 of every 10 managers are engaged globally. Why is that?

In this webinar we'll discuss:

  • Why managers must be empowered to engage their team members.
  • The importance of increasing engagement rates at the manager level.
  • Actionable tips on how to collectively boost engagement and productivity across the board.
Overall engagement scire of 5.9/10

Who’s talking

Join employee experience experts for a one-time panel and Q&A on manager empowerment.

Mathieu Dumont

Product Director, Workleap

As a co-founder of Didacte (now Workleap LMS), Mathieu is a passionate advocate for sustainable entrepreneurship. He believes in the profound impact humans can have on organizational performance.

Driven by a fascination for streamlining processes for optimal efficiency, he thrives in challenging conventional norms and exploring overlooked solutions. By embracing a unique approach, he breaks away from social conventions to uncover innovative paths.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and a visionary mindset, he is dedicated to driving positive change and inspiring growth in the world of HR and beyond.

Photo Mathieu

Sam Sadeghi

Senior HR Business Partner, Workleap

At Workleap, Sam is as a dedicated strategic thought partner, empowering leaders and their teams to navigate challenges and thrive in the unknown.

Together with her stellar HR colleagues, Sam promotes organizational excellence and fosters engagement through innovative, people-centric initiatives.

Photo Samin

Matt McFarlane

Director, FNDN

Matt is a seasoned people operations expert specializing in compensation strategies for technology startups. With extensive experience spanning startups to global scale-ups, Matt has been the strategic force behind compensation strategies that have propelled companies to achieve unicorn status, successful acquisitions, and impressive global growth.

Having supported companies from seed startups to globally distributed teams across 70+ countries, Matt understands people leaders' challenges in scaling businesses. He leverages his comprehensive experience to help organizations get compensation right, enabling leaders to focus on driving their company’s commercial success.

Photo Matt

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