How Workleap Officevibe is helping this employee grow in her career

For Eve Zaidan, Workleap Officevibe is a way to have conversations with her manager that wouldn’t otherwise take place - and gives her the time to think about her career.

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Wise-Sync is a software company that builds integrations for syncing accounting data to the cloud.

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Portrait of Eve Zaidan, Manager at Wise Sync

When I saw the first Workleap Officevibe email, it was like a breath of fresh air. I thought, ‘Wow, this is so exciting.’ It was when it occurred to me that my company actually cares about culture and has taken the initiative to find out how their people really feel

Eve Zaidan, content manager on Wise-Sync's sales & marketing team

Creating space to focus on her career 

Wise-Sync is a software company that builds integrations for syncing accounting data to the cloud – as their content manager, Eve is an important member of the team that makes those integrations shine on the market. She’s a hard worker who believes in the business as much as she believes in herself. That’s why Workleap Officevibe has been so crucial to her professional success - and growth - at the company this year.

Eve is part of a busy team and having a tool like Workleap Officevibe has been a game-changer for her. It has carved out the time for her to think about the important questions she doesn’t always get around to – questions pertaining to her personal development, her role within the business, and how she sees the company.

Workleap Officevibe asks you these questions that make you think about your career and where you’re heading. If you feel confident that you’re on the right career path, you will give your company 120% because you feel secure, and like you’re progressing.

Workleap Officevibe’s role in Eve's career goes beyond the questions: it's a way to affirm that she is in the right role for the right reasons, helps her to track her challenges, and increases her desire to give Wise-Sync her all.

“When I get an email from Workleap Officevibe, it takes just a few minutes and pulls me out of my work to come back to myself and my place within the company. It’s phenomenal to be part of a company that cares about its people and how they feel, and by implementing Workleap Officevibe, it couldn’t be clearer that they care about us.”

Conversations that wouldn’t happen otherwise 

By leveraging her team’s Workleap Officevibe results, Eve feels empowered to work with her manager on their relationship. When they get a low score in one of the 10 Key Metrics of Engagement, it’s a chance for her to take the conversation about that metric offline.

Wise Sync's Highest Officevibe metrics: Relationship with manager at 9.1, Relationship with peers at 8.6, and Recognition at 8.

“When you don’t have a tool like Workleap Officevibe within your company, you don’t feel safe to just go offline and have these conversations, because it can appear like it’s out of the blue. You don’t want to create drama. With Workleap Officevibe, you feel like you’ve already been placed within a safe environment that is willing to hear how you feel about the company, how you feel about your role and how you feel about your colleagues and your direct report - and I think that’s phenomenal.”

Eve says Workleap Officevibe gives her the courage to talk to her direct manager about what she would like from the company, and how that would help her happiness.

In some ways, taking these Workleap Officevibe surveys is like taking a clarity break because they motivate you to sit there and think about your progress in the company, how you’re feeling and where you’d like to be. That opens up a lot of important conversations.

Working out solutions as a team  

Eve loves the survey’s fun design, its simplicity, and even the timing of the survey delivery email, which is a quick, welcome addition to her workweek– “like a friend asking you questions,” she says. But that’s not what really makes the tool stick with her: Eve loves how Workleap Officevibe has strengthened Wise-Sync from within.

“Having a tool like Workleap Officevibe is such a great reminder to track our progress and where we’re going. I think it’s really made us stronger as company because we’ve been discussing results together, and our management team has been speaking to all of us about how we can improve the culture.”

For instance, Workleap Officevibe revealed that the work-life balance in the sales and marketing teams needed some help, and already, her manager is taking steps to improve it.

[Workleap Officevibe] is enabling us to build a stronger culture within our team. We’ve always been a family, but as you know, even families keep secrets from each other, they fight, and things are swept under the carpet. With a tool like Workleap Officevibe, we put everything on the table, and we say, ‘Right, this is the consensus - now where do we move from here?’

With Wise-Sync's can-do management attitude, Eve says the conversations around improvements to be made have been productive and fruitful.

“Given the nature of small businesses, and especially the fast-paced nature of our day-to-day lives, we don’t always have time to nourish communication. A tool like Workleap Officevibe is what really plants the seed for that greater nourishment within your company.”

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