How Sharethrough used Workleap Officevibe to maintain its growth

Hybrid work and a merger brought about rapid growth for Sharethrough. But Natacha and her HR team were not alone in their quest to maintain a strong culture and employee experience. Read on to see how Workleap Officevibe helped.

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Sharethrough is an omnichannel supply side platform underpinned by advanced RTB tech & enhanced ad experiences.

Location Montreal, Canada, Canada

Company size 160+

Industry Technology

Like many companies, Sharethrough had adapted to a hybrid way of working. This flexible model contributed to the company’s transformation and growth beyond its Montreal head office.

As a digital advertising technology company providing human-centric programmatic advertising, they now also employ great minds in Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and have recently expanded into Europe.

For Natacha Brind’Amour, former Vice President, People & Culture, this created a unique situation from an HR perspective. With 11 years of HR experience in various roles, Natacha knew what it took to create a great employee experience and build a culture that allowed and encouraged the company to grow. When she joined Sharethrough as the sole HR person, the company had 65 employees. Following a merger and a strong growth trajectory, the HR team now oversees 160 employees and counting.

Natacha Brind’Amour, Vice President, People & Culture at Sharethrough

Showing our Workleap Officevibe data progression to the board or the Human Resources Compensation Committee (Board of Director sub-committee) was helpful in making them feel confident that we had the right vision and strategy to retain and attract talent.

Natacha Brind’Amour, former Vice President, People & Culture at Sharethrough

As the architect of the HR framework, Natacha needed the right tools and processes to ensure that her team was happy, engaged, and growing, no matter where they were located. We chatted with her about how Workleap Officevibe played a role in recruiting and retaining great talent.

How did Sharethrough start using Workleap Officevibe?

Strong company culture and world-class employee experience are at the heart of our strategy to attract, retain, engage, and develop employees, so we knew we had to find a reliable tool that had the ability to measure in real-time what we were doing well and what we needed to improve, to ensure that every component of the employee journey was aligned with our employee needs.

In 2019, we welcomed a new Vice-President of Engineering who came to us from Workleap (formerly GSoft) and he was, of course, already a big believer in the Workleap Officevibe platform. It was an obvious decision that we would go ahead with Workleap Officevibe.

Want to learn more about Natacha’s experience with Workleap Officevibe? Check out the full interview here:

How did Workleap Officevibe help Sharethrough?

One thing that I’ve really noticed since 2019 is that when the Workleap Officevibe score improved, we had a better retention rate. So, Workleap Officevibe metrics became really insightful when it came time to establish our OKRs and helped us measure our progression toward our team goals during the year.

Also, showing our Workleap Officevibe data progression to the board or the Human Resources Compensation Committee (Board of Director sub-committee) was helpful in making them feel confident that we had the right vision and strategy to retain and attract talent.

We are proud to say we maintained a great turnover rate while sustaining above 30% annual year-over-year growth and completing a transformative merger that doubled the size of the company overnight in 2021. Not to mention this all took place in the middle of a pandemic. 

The Workleap Officevibe matrix doesn’t lie, and it’s a great ally!

What is one of the biggest impacts Workleap Officevibe had on you?

One of the biggest impacts Workleap Officevibe has had at Sharethrough is that we were able to gather all the information we needed to help us continue our growth. When you’re a mature company that isn’t seeing a lot of change, and you have pretty stable teams with stable managers, people trust the manager and feel more able to share any feelings or feedback with them.

But when you’re a rapidly growing company like Sharethrough, you welcome new people onto your team every month. The difference is that those people may not feel as comfortable having those conversations with their managers immediately. Let’s say if like 30% to 40% of the team is new, you wouldn’t be getting the kind of detailed feedback that you can act on right away—especially if you don’t have anonymous feedback tools like the ones Workleap Officevibe has.

While we have been growing organically, we also acquired a business. The acquisition meant that there was a lot of reorganization. We welcomed new managers, new team members, and new peers, so there was a lot to learn about how they were feeling.

Tools like Workleap Officevibe that are 100% anonymous really helped us learn about our teams and make sure that we didn’t have any blind spots.

Natacha Brind’Amour

How has Workleap Officevibe helped your managers?

The best way to manage a team can be so ambiguous for a new manager. Sometimes they don’t know where to start or what to prioritize. Their team metrics provide them with insights they can use to prioritize what needs to be improved to engage and retain their team members.

Every quarter the managers of each department organized workshops with their teams to go deeper and understand their needs in relation to the Workleap Officevibe metrics. In these workshops, we encouraged employees to find solutions and lead initiatives so that together they could improve these metrics and the workplace.

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