Welcome back to another Vibe Check episode, where we dive deep into the transformative power of gratitude in the workplace. Workleap Officevibe HR Expert and Researcher Julie Jeannotte sits down with seasoned entrepreneur and author Michele Bailey, who shares her experiences and wisdom on cultivating gratitude for both personal and professional growth. 

Backing her insights with concrete statistics, Michele demonstrates the measurable impact of gratitude on employee well-being and performance. From increased job satisfaction to improved relationships and lower absenteeism rates, the evidence is clear: gratitude is a quantifiable driver of success in the workplace. 

Watch this episode to learn more about: 

  • The significance of making gratitude a routine 
  • Leading by example to foster a culture of gratitude 
  • Short-term initiatives for HR leaders to enhance workplace gratitude 
  • The measurable impact of gratitude on employee well-being 

"Gratefulness" equates to well-being. When employees feel their well-being is supported at work, they have 44% better job satisfaction [and] their productivity increases by 39%.

Michele Bailey, Founder of The Blazing Group 

The routine of gratitude

In this discussion, we delve into the profound impact of weaving gratitude into our daily work routines. As HR leaders aspire to cultivate gratitude within their organizations, they should lead by example. By making gratitude a disciplined practice, leaders set the stage for positive workplace dynamics, nurturing a sense of value among employees. With initiatives like individual-focused programs — or incorporating personal reflection, goal setting, and the cultivation of gratitude — leaders can create long-term value and transform a workplace. For the CEO skeptics, this isn’t just a feel-good strategy: concrete statistics back up the positive outcomes associated with a culture of gratitude, from improved job satisfaction to enhanced productivity. Believe the numbers! 

📺 Watch the full episode to learn how leaders can initiate small yet impactful changes to nurture a culture of gratitude within the workplace — and why it’s important to do so. 

Meet our illustrious guest, Michele Bailey 

Founder of The Blazing Group, Michele is a trailblazing entrepreneur and leading voice on the transformative power of gratitude. With her "big idea" workshop, she has helped numerous organizations prioritize individuals and cultivate gratitude, achieving remarkable results.  

Care about the individual first, and everything else falls into place.

Michele Bailey,  Founder of The Blazing Group 

Michele's authentic and heartfelt approach serves as a beacon for anyone seeking to harness the power of gratitude in their professional journey. We highly recommend her new book: The Currency of Gratitude

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