We’re all in the same boat: we don't want to pay for something if we can't see its value.

The same goes for a Learning Management System (LMS). If you can't see the payoff for your business, you won't want to buy it!

Fortunately, there are many ways to make an LMS profitable that go beyond traditional in-house training.

Discover my 4 favorite suggestions for getting the most out of Workleap LMS!

Empower your organization with the skills-based canvas.

1. Simplify the onboarding of your team

Are you the person responsible for welcoming newcomers to the office? 

Let's be honest: while it's nice to have a new face in the team, it takes a lot of work to integrate them well!

Every hour you spend with a new employee, you could cut in half with your LMSAnd it starts with all the documentation to read.

The employee guide, the code of conduct, the health and safety rules, the coffee machine procedure… You can already integrate this into your platform in just a few clicks! And you could accelerate and simplify your onboarding content creation by filming dynamic onboarding videos that require little effort and few resources!

For the rest, I invite you to review what can be pre-recorded by video. Company presentation, customer service standards, use of certain machines, etc.

You can even organize a live session to welcome remote employees! Virtual classes allow you to interact in real-time with your new talent and the rest of the team.

Besides, you can manually enroll a student for several courses thanks to the categories on your platform. You can therefore create a training kit for your welcome and integration program and register your new students at once!

2. Share the news with the right people

Gone are the days of flat emails with 10,000 copy recipients! Communicating important matters through email is the best way to fall into the black hole of inboxes. 

Why not use your LMS to send news releases to your team?

By creating a course, you have so many more format options to deliver your message. You can even make a video if you want to make it more interesting for your people!

The big advantage is that you can easily keep track of who has and has not completed a course. This means that you no longer need to ask for confirmation of readings or to have papers signed. If necessary, you can still add a quiz at the end to verify that the information has been understood correctly.

Gagnon Frères is a Quebec retailer of furniture, appliances, mattresses and accessories that makes good use of its LMS for internal communication. When introducing new products to its selection, the head office video captures suppliers with the characteristics and benefits to the sales team.

A great way to ensure that the information held by advisors is up to date and uniform in its 7 stores in Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean, on the North Shore and in Charlevoix.

Thanks to manual enrollments, you also have control over access to your content. If you create groups in your LMS, it will only take a few clicks to send the right messages to the right people!
Each user who is manually added to a course receives a notification email with the title of the course. Since the emails are sometimes lost in the mass, do not hesitate to revive those who have not watched the session.

If you need to keep track, export completion reports and save the information to your files.

3. Put together a directory of procedures

Please don't tell me that you still have a binder of internal procedures… If so, the digital bell is ringing!

Standardizing processes is extremely important in any business. This allows you to:

  • Facilitate the training of your new employees
  • Ensure a uniform level of quality in products and services
  • Protect the health and safety of your team
  • Give monetary value to your business if you want to sell or borrow

That being said, procedures don’t need to be written on static documents. By building your repertoire on your training platform, you can also mix different types of content.

Picture this: texts for more traditional procedures, screenshots for technical elements, and videos for demonstrations. The dream!

The big advantage of doing this online is that everyone has access to it anytime. Once you register them for a course, your employees can view it as many times as they want. 

By adding categories to your LMS, you will make browsing the courses even easier for everyone. There will be no more excuses not to follow procedures!

4. Encourage live knowledge sharing

You may not have the time to create and post a course regularly. I understand that! 

That doesn't mean, however, that you can't offer new training content. Have you thought about encouraging knowledge sharing?

You probably have "star players" on your team who have specialized backgrounds. You could offer them to exchange their best tips with other employees!

With the virtual classroom tool, you can lead learning sessions and pass the mic to internal experts. In addition to valuing them in their work, it creates opportunities for interaction, even from a distance.

Not comfortable in front of a camera? You can also use your LMS to plan classroom training. Everyone will then have access to the online documentation: no more unnecessary printing!

Explore the other possibilities on your platform

I gave you 4 very specific situations, but it doesn't stop there! There are so many original ways to make your LMS profitable. 

You don’t believe me? Here are a few ideas:

  • Educate your customers or suppliers 
  • Promote your recruiter brand
  • Organize cohort learning sessions
  • Sell external training
  • Use your platform as a brand positioning tool

And, of course, train your employees!

There are endless ways to get the most out of your online training platform. You just need to think carefully about your business model and target a few key projects.

Want to try it out?

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