Onboarding a new employee is how you set the tone for their experience as a member of your team and a contributor to your company’s mission. You want to give every new hire a warm welcome, and establish from the outset that their time, ideas, and opinions are valued, and their unique perspective adds to achieving the collective goals they share with their colleagues. This is what drives employee engagement and motivation, so they feel empowered to leverage their skills and smarts with purpose and pride.

On remote teams, onboarding can take shape a little differently than it did at the office. But the main objectives are the same: ensure your new employee has a clear understanding of their role, equip them for success, and integrate them smoothly into the team. When you develop a strong onboarding process, you engage new employees right from the start. Ultimately, you'll have a more high-performing and dedicated workforce — proper onboarding impacts your retention, too. We’ve built the ultimate employee onboarding checklist to help you welcome new talent to your team!

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The employee onboarding checklist covers…