Welcome to episode 4 of Vibe Check! In this episode, Officevibe’s very own Julie Jeannotte, HR Expert and Researcher, chats with Olivier Bouchard, Chief Operating Officer at Crakmedia, about how equipping managers with the right engagement tools can foster great performance. Amongst many other topics, they touch on how frequent two-way conversations between employees and leaders, finding the value in feedback, and taking concrete actions are essentially the keys to organizational success and greater employee engagement.

Watch this episode to dive deeper into:

  • Collaboration between C-suite executives and HR teams
  • Metrics to track and show HR's impact on their organization
  • How to enable managers to tackle employee engagement

When the company and the resources are well taken care of, and everything is working well, the organization is successful. It just flows.

Olivier Bouchard, Chief Operating Office at Crakmedia

It’s all about balance

One of the key takeaways from this insightful conversation is that there are three major groups involved in employee engagement, and when you have the right balance between them, that’s when the magic happens and you’re able to achieve the performance momentum you strive for. When the executive team, HR, and frontline managers all contribute in an effective way that complements the other, employee satisfaction can increase, and turnover can decrease. It takes a shared vision, great energy, strategic initiatives, and of course the right tools to get things right and to keep things moving!

📺 Watch the full episode for an insider’s perspective on how organizational success starts with employee engagement, satisfaction, and happiness, and how leveraging the right tools can help you achieve it.

Meet our illustrious guest 

Olivier has been Crakmedia’s Chief Operating Officer since 2017, monitoring the company’s growth and ensuring operations run smoothly. He is known for his ability to build highly efficient and functional collaborative work environments.

Strong of his 25 years in the SaaS and MarTech industries, Olivier held several management positions for high-profile successful companies such as Taleo, ServiceNow, and PetalMD.

"I've always enjoyed managing teams, the human side of the business, and the operations… I like working with people and seeing them grow and perform" 

Olivier Bouchard, Chief Operating Officer at Crakmedia

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