In our eighth episode of Vibe Check, Julie Jeannotte (JJ), Workleap Officevibe’s HR expert & researcher, dives deep into a discussion with Martine Massarelli, Director of People and Culture at LG2. Together they untangle the dynamics, challenges, and undeniable advantages of working with multi-generational teams. In doing so, they uncover insights into what attracts and retains talent across different age groups, and how understanding and appreciation can bridge generational gaps.  

In this episode, the pair discusses the importance of

  • Navigating the complexities of a multi-generational workforce and the unexpected strengths it brings. 
  • Tailoring perks and policies to cater to diverse life stages and needs.  
  • The new-age workplace: breaking barriers between personal and professional lives. 
  • The post-Covid work vibe: the evolving nature of employee engagement, retention, and office culture when home is the new office. 

We talk a lot about culture add. And I think that only comes through a diversity of opinions, of backgrounds, of values, of ages, and of lived experiences.

– Martine Massarelli, Director of People and Culture at LG2

Journeying through generations: Embracing strengths 

Martine and JJ dig into the unique motivations and desires of different generations — from Gen Z's hunger for authentic work cultures to Gen X's desire for a well-rounded, fulfilling, and balanced life. Martine’s sound advice to navigate these disparities? Quit stereotyping and try to truly understand the individual’s context while harnessing the unique strengths they bring to the table. 

📺 Tune in to the episode to discover how to channel the potential each age bracket brings to the workplace. 

Inside LG2: Where age is just a number 

Steered by Martine's visionary approach, LG2 is more a mosaic than a monolith. Its new office space incorporates design elements that speak to everyone, from fresh grads to seasoned vets. What’s more, the company aligns individual rewards and compensations with overarching company values — a strategic move that ensures every employee, irrespective of their generational belonging, experiences the company’s core principles consistently. 

Meet our illustrious guest, Martine Massarelli 

Navigating the colorful tapestry of LG2, Martine is no stranger to the pattern of diverse work cultures. With an extensive career built on understanding the heartbeat of businesses, her mantra remains unshaken: it’s all about channeling our differences for good.  

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