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Workleap is your comprehensive skills development and employee progression platform to build a high-performing organization.

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20,000+ organizations trust Workleap software for their employee experience


Easy and actionable upskilling

Map, assess, and manage your employees’ skills in one place.

Employee Skills Mapping And Self Assessment
Skills mapping and self-assessment

Workleap's simple drag-and-drop interface makes skills assessment a breeze. In just a few clicks, your employees will get a clear view of their skills, rated by their level of expertise for each. 

Employee Custom Skills For Organization
Custom skills for your organization

Easily add, define, and tailor your skills, expertise levels, and their descriptions based on your organization’s unique language and standards.

Employee Skills Gaps Reports
Skills gaps reports

Get a powerful 360-degree view of your organization's skills and gaps so you can better plan your workforce and make strategic hiring decisions.

career development

Personalized career advancement

Engage and retain your employees with
AI-powered progression plans, career pathing, mentor matching, and training.

Employee Skills Career Path And Succession Planning

Career pathing and succession planning

Workleap’s AI leverages over 75 million job market data points to help you create employee progression plans in minutes. Actionable plans help identify the next best individuals who are ready to step up & fill critical roles within your organization.

Employee Skills Mentorship Matchmaking

Mentorship matchmaking

Foster collaboration and reach career goals faster with mentor recommendations. Workleap matches employees with the right mentors based on their skill level, gaps, and roles they covet. It’s a win-win for all!

Employee Training Automation

Training automation

Efficiently bridge skills gaps and make continuous learning a reality. Workleap leverages internal and external training resources and automatically assigns training to employees based on their unique developmental needs.


Total clarity on your teams’ abilities

Workleap reports help you keep your finger on the pulse with straightforward data
that matters, helping you make better decisions around talent.

Skills Data Reporting
Skills data reporting

Get a powerful 360-degree view of your organization's skills and gaps so you can better plan your workforce and make strategic hiring decisions. HR and managers have access to reporting related to the people they manage so they can stay in tune with their team’s development.

Skills Based Participation And Growth Tracking
Participation and growth tracking

Check in with your skills management processes. Participation tracking verifies if teams are well-onboarded and whether the system has the latest skills data on each employee. Growth tracking gives you a global view of how growth plans are progressing organization-wide.

Skills Based Internal Mobility Tracking
Internal mobility tracking

Make internal mobility a core metric you can easily track, measure, and manage. With easily digestible data, Workleap helps you stay in tune with career shifts within the company, monitoring how many people have applied to new job openings on your Skills job board.​


Enhance employee skills with core
Workleap products

Connect with other Workleap products to optimize the entire employee journey.

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Track employee engagement, support recognition, and drive top talent retention and team performance.

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Build, manage, and monitor employee training with an easy-to-use learning management system.

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Show your employees how they're connected with a dynamic org chart and employee directory.

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Structure and automate your onboarding so new hires hit the ground running, building the right skills from day one.

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Tap into your people's skills
and potential

Discover the next generation of employee progression software designed for the new reality of work.