All your team's skills ​at your fingertips

Finding the right people with the right skills can be hard within a distributed team. Workleap Skills solves this problem by providing you with a directory of your team's skills so you can find the right person for a project in one click.

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20,000+ organizations trust Workleap software for their employee experience

Skills Directory

Access the right expertise at the right time

Get high-res visibility into your team's skills. Whether you're searching for people, skills, or roles, Workleap Skills' powerful search functionality enables you to explore your workforce's capabilities effortlessly. It browses through your skills inventory and directory to immediately surface the most relevant people in your business and make you save a ton of time.​

filtering options to find the right people with the right expertise across the organization
finding the right internal candidates for a specific need or project

Project staffing

Find the perfect match for a project

Whether you are a service business looking to build a project team for a client or have a specific internal project you need to staff for, Workleap Skills enables you to search your organization in seconds to find the right talent for the task at hand based on their experience and skills. Reduce your reliance on consultants or new hires and make the most of your team's skills today.​

Skills gaps reports

Uncover skills gaps & valuable insights

Make data-driven decisions thanks to a wealth of skills insights. From participation reports to skills inventory gaps to advanced workforce segmentation, Workleap Skills gives you full visibility into the DNA of your team so that you can better plan your workforce and employee progression paths and continuously improve your team's performance.

Skills Gaps Reports​ highlighting the next steps for a specific employee
detailed view of your team's skills and progress over the time

Manager reports

Zero in on your team's skills

Workleap Skills provides you with a crystal-clear view of your skills, both at the organizational level and within your teams. This enables your managers to efficiently identify any skills gaps and equip their teams for success through appropriate employee development plans and hiring strategies. It's like removing the blinds from your team's strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to manage with greater clarity.​

35+ integrations out of the box​

Enrich your skills data with HRIS & ATS integrations​

Workleap Skills offers a wide range of 35+ integrations that can easily be set up in one click. That way you can connect to your HRIS to enrich your skills map with autogenerated skills suggestions based on job history, and easily import skills from resumes from your ATS. It’s smart, it’s simple, and it’s fast!​

ATS integrated with Workleap skills
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Get full visibility into your team's skills.​

Find the best person on the team to tackle a project. Workleap Skills helps you unlock your team’s full potential and create value for your organization instantly. Try it today and find out for yourself! ​