Turn experts into content creators in a heartbeat 

Invite and empower your internal subject matter experts to create, add, and share knowledge with Workleap LMS. Grow your organization’s know-how and upskill your employees while preserving internal knowledge.

Multiple subject matter experts collaborating in Workleap LMS as authors of a new learning path with automated progression reminders.
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20,000+ organizations trust Workleap software for their employee experience

Intuitive content creation tools that enable all employees to contribute to knowledge-sharing

Illustration of 2 colleagues having a conversation about their latest training

Achieve meaningful engagement

Get everyone all in on learning by aligning content with the critical skill development needs and current internal expertise. Bonus: you protect the internal expertise by encouraging senior employees to share knowledge and upskill employees across the company. Everyone wins!

A manager who is satisfied with the low cost of online training

Lower training costs

Workleap LMS enables in-house content creation so you can reduce training-related expenses by using digital channels available to you.

A graph presenting the return on investment of online training

Up your training ROI

Using Workleap LMS increases the ROI of course creation by allowing your content to be viewed more than once. No longer do you have to rely on someone’s availability to provide training.

Integrated content creation

Create course content with Workleap LMS. Start using a template or duplicate an existing course to save time creating your syllabus. Once you've got your course structure, all you have to do is upload your content.

Create texts, add links, images, videos, and audio files. Plus, all the same options are available when you use the quiz creation tool too!

Editing a text lesson of a Workleap LMS course by adding an attachment and a picture to the content.
Course description page in Workleap LMS showing that drip content is activated, meaning that content will be released gradually.

Pace progress and add context

Activate drip content on a course to pace your employees’ learning process and give them space to progress and practice throughout the course.

Add course details and a custom header image or video to add more context about the content covered, the goals, and the target audience. These tools will help employees know the intentions and expectations around each training piece.

Content import

Copy and paste existing policies, documents, images, audio files, videos and more into your course to centralize and organize information. Import it directly into one of your courses, embed PDFs, or add attachments to your lessons.

You can upload your videos directly into Workleap Learning or paste a link to a Youtube or Vimeo video to accelerate the upload.

Importing of external content to a Workleap LMS course as an attachment, such as PDF documents, videos and images.
Workleap LMS course reviews showcasing the oversall user reviews score and private feedback for the course teacher.

Content updates and user reviews

Collect feedback on each of your courses to improve content as you go. You can always update an existing course or create a new version if you want to make significant changes without losing track of progression and completion.

Live virtual classrooms

Conduct interactive learning sessions with your students. Virtual classrooms offer tools like screen sharing, activating mics and webcams for all participants, private rooms, and live chat to enhance the experience with your learners.

You can also record your sessions, which will automatically be added to your course, giving your students access to the replay to keep the learning rolling.

Workleap LMS virtual classroom with active participants with the option to watch the recording when the meeting is over.
Workleap LMS upcoming webinar page with details about the subject, date and time of the meeting.


Present courses in real-time to a large audience directly from Workleap LMS. In listen-only mode, your participants can still interact with you by instant messaging or by answering your live polls. You can also record your sessions, which will automatically be added to your course, giving your students access to the replay — great for business townhalls or quarterly updates!

IRL training

Create in-person courses using Workleap LMS and manage your participants’ enrollment in the application.

You can add online learning materials for your students, which they can refer to as many times as needed. This will increase your content's lifespan and your training's return on investment.

Creation of an in-person course in Workleap LMS to manage the enrollment of employees to IRL learning activities.
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Workleap LMS

Easily transform business critical knowledge into simple and thoughtful trainings.