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Two women on a couch during an employee onboarding session, one explaining with gestures towards a computer, the other listening attentively
An onboarding task in Workleap for a newcomer that contains a friendly welcome from their new team.

Employee onboarding

Have new hires hit the ground running

Set your new hires up for success with tailored and engaging onboarding plans. Boost productivity, engagement, and retention — all from one place. 

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product overview

Tools to build a world class onboarding process right from the start

Workleap's dashboard for onboarding, featuring an onboarding schedule overview with a detailed view of a specific onboarding activity

everything you need

The smart way to onboard new hires

Make onboarding seriously easy with software that helps your newcomers create more impact faster.

Build plans collaboratively

HR and hiring managers can collaborate effortlessly with an intuitive interface to build exceptional employee onboarding experiences. 

Create reusable templates

Customize templates for diverse roles, teams, and locations, creating magical experiences. Make it once, use it many times.

Centralize empowerment 

Connect your new hires with the colleagues, tasks, and tools they need to succeed, all from one place to boost productivity and engagement.

Measure the impact

Automatically collect feedback, track progress, and generate reports. Stay informed on individual and overall onboarding success.

Works where you work

Leverage our 50+ integrations for automated and scalable onboarding workflows, streamlining the process with ease and efficiency.

Speed up your processes with AI

Create customized onboarding experiences in minutes with our AI-powered onboarding plan generator. Say goodbye to manual and repetitive work and streamline your process.

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Let’s get you onboard

Start onboarding effortlessly with our freemium option. Upgrade to unlock more features when you're ready.

It's that simple.

Remote onboarding: Woman multitasking from home, consulting her phone and agenda while setting up a newcomer plan on her computer

“It takes the overwhelm out of the process that every new hire must go through to be successful.”

Kristine Scheffler,
Business owner



First impressions matter. Build your onboarding process, welcome newcomers and measure the impact. All from one place.