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Make everyone's development your north star

Create more fulfilling and productive workplaces with AI-powered skill mapping and simple career development tools.  

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AI-powered skill mapping, career pathing and workforce planning

Workleap's dashboard showcasing a skills inventory and detailed skills mapping for a specific worker's talent development

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Unleash every employee's potential 

Empower teams to map their skills, develop their talents and accelerate their growth.

AI-powered skill mapping 

Tap into AI-assisted skill mapping technology to make assessing your employees' skills a breeze. Now, spend your time on what matters most: developing your people. 

Workforce planning made easy 

Get a powerful 360-degree view of your organization's skills and gaps so you can better plan your workforce and make strategic hiring decisions.

Internal mobility, smoothly

Put internal mobility at the heart of talent development. Boost visibility around new projects and roles to give every employee the opportunity to grow.

Next-level career development

Identify the next stepping stones in your employees’ careers with precision. Formulate clear career progression paths so that every employee can reach their full potential. 

State-of-the-art technology

Leverage over 55 million data points to provide the most accurate skill mapping, career pathing, and workforce planning on the market.

Trusted by over 20,000 customers worldwide

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Start for free, upgrade as you grow

Workleap Skills is easy to use and free to start — no credit card required, no hidden fees.

Only pay for additional packages as your needs grow. It's that simple.


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Know what you are made of in minutes, not months with a tool that helps you unlock your team’s potential. Put it to work today and find out for yourself!